12 Fun and Easy Makerspace Fundraising Ideas

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Looking for some ways to fundraise for your makerspace? Whether you a non-profit or looking for some ways to generate revenue for your community, here are some fun and easy fundraising ideas for a makerspace.

1. T-Shirts + Maker Swag

It is easy to make things such as t-shirts, hats, tote bags, and more for your makerspace, especially when you partner with companies that specialize in t-shirt fundraisers or go with print-on-demand options online.

2. Host a Shoe Recycling Fundraiser

Partnering with companies such as GotSneakers is a fun and unique way to fundraise for your organization and do good for the environment at the same time.

3. Host a Maker Sale

If you are a community-based makerspace, you most definitely should have a sales event a few times a year to let your makers set up a vendor table offering the things they make for sale.

For schools, you could always have your makers make things such as buttons, keychains, bracelets and more that can be sold to help raise money for the space.

4. Hold a Raffle

50-50 Raffles are a great way to raise funds. You could hold a raffle at the same time as your sales event or separate from it.

The raffle could have some interesting things in it, too. Usually you can get local businesses or groups to donate items for the drawing. You can also do a larger raffle with 3-5 prizes of something bigger with a higher ticket price per person.

5. Food Fundraisers

There are tons of fundraising opportunities available when it comes to food! For example, you could partner with a local sub shop and sell sandwiches. Type in “food fundraisers” in a search and you are bound to find more options and ideas you thought possible.

6. Penny Wars + Coin Drives

There are tons of fun ways to do penny + coin drives, whether it’s a penny war (where teams can increase their odds of winning by donating nickels and quarters!) or you could even have your makers create a fun coin drop where those who donate could watch a penny go down a marble run or similar.

7. Candy Sales

Candy is another thing that is easy to sell as a fundraiser – you could easily set up a stand in your makerspace with a basket of assorted candy bars and lollipops where all proceeds are directly reinvested into the space.

8. Guessing Games

It’s easy to set up a jar of candy and offer guesses of how many pieces are in the jar. You could also have your makers create something small for the guessing game, such as paper airplanes or origami animals.

9. Drawing Prizes + Creativity Contests

Don’t forget about contests! Have your makers make interesting things that can be displayed around the space and then hold a voting contest – you could even do this with your maker kids!

10. Spirit Days

Many schools and companies do great with fundraisers where a person can either “dress up” or “dress down” for $1-2. For example, you could do a crazy socks day or crazy hats day (bonus if they make the hats themselves!)

11. Holiday Sales + Events

Holidays are great times to host sales and events. For example, you could do a sale for unique handmade gifts and decorations or you could host an event such as a gingerbread house building competition.

12. Recyce Old Electronics

There are many recycling programs across the country that can help organizations raise money by hosting fundraisers for recycling electronics such as computers, cell phones, and more. This is a great program to consider if your makerspace has a large focus on tech!

Do you have any other ideas to add to this list of makerspace fundraising ideas? What types of events have you been successful with at your makerspace? Tell us in the comments section below!

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